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YHD & Dealing with Covid-19

As we all currently experience a period of anxious and uncertain times due to the outbreak of Covid-19, it's now become clear that it's inevitably going to effect each and everyone of us in it's own way.

We're counting our blessings that we have the capability to work remotely so have mastered the art of self isolation for a while now. However we understand that for those that are new to this temporary life style, the massive change can be enough to drive you stir crazy. We believe that every situation has a silver lining, and this could be the universe's way of telling us all to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and our ideas that we don't usually have the time to dive into.

If you've had an unopened box of ideas about a building project, renovation or extension, now could provide a perfect opportunity to open that lid - and we all know that we could use something else to focus on right now!

Here are a few ideas to start you on your journey while you are stuck at home in isolation.


1) Dive into inspiration - If you have an idea about what you like, but not exactly sure about how to interpret them, Pinterest is the perfect starting point to gain a clear idea about how you envision your project. Why not create a vision board - start with the exterior; what style are you drawn to? What type of walls and roof do you like? Then focus on each specific room and what you're aesthetically drawn to.

2) Formulate a brief - So now that you can see clearly what you want, here is where you need to create your scope of works.

- Begin with detailing site constraints, orientation of the house, and other factors that can effect the project.

- Determine whether it would be more practical to renovate or knock-down and rebuild.

-Move onto room configurations and how you want the house to be be functional for your own living situation.

- Create your Wishlist. Begin with non-negotiables, then make your way through each room listing items you wish to include. Of course you may not be able to include everything on your wish list due to budget constraints, but it will allow you to prioritise spending.

Remember, the more emphasis you put into the planning stages, the more chance of your project running smoother, on budget and on time.

We'll be happy to provide you with a free comprehensive questionnaire by flicking us a quick message.

3) Assess your financials - Unfortunately nothing in life is free, but the clearer idea you have about how much you can afford to spend & far your money can go, the more fluid your project will be.

4) Get in touch - If you need to get a Building Designer on your side, we are still able to provide our services. With the capability of Skype and other digital technology we are able to arrange a consultation with you to discuss your project needs and help bring your ideas into fruition.


Remember. While this is a daunting time, if we stay home and remain as productive and engaged as possible, we can look back on this time as a period of growth and achieving goals.


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