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Located just an hour from Sydneys Northern suburbs and 30 minutes from Newcastle, the  estate of Catherine Hill Bay is one of the best kept secrets within the City of Lake Macquarie. Featuring one of ‘Australia’s 101 Best Beaches’ and surrounded by National Parks, Catherine Hill Bay, or as the locals call it, “Catho”, has stolen the hearts of its residents and tourists alike with its charm, magnificent views and incredible surf. 

Whether its in your ambition to own a coastal holiday home or simple desire for a seaside change, making the  decision to design and build in Catherine Hill Bay will have you enjoying that relaxing, rejuvenating way of life where traffic is at a minimum and all you can hear is the soothing sounds of the ocean. With the majority of vacant sites being located only minutes walk to Moonee Beach and Middle Camp Beach, they are fully serviced and large enough to build not only a family home, but potentially also a passive income earning granny flat. 

If you’re considering translating that sentiment of a beachside holiday into your permanent reality, our team at Your Home Designs can help bring your dream home into fruition. We will work with you to translate your vision into architectural drawings and a 3d model, attain development approval and help you with all those finer details on your path to building your new home. 

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