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Stage 1 

Concept & Site Analysis

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  • Before we start your design concepts, we like to meet on site to discuss the project and client requirements. We then give you a Client Questionnaire to utilise and finalise the clients design brief. This is customised for a new home or a renovation project.

  • Next, we organise a survey to complete a plan of your site, which includes the site slopes, the location of your boundaries, any easements on your site, and any other site information that council would require.  

  • We then book in a check measure of your existing dwelling, and create a draft of the existing floor plan to start.

  • Our team will come on-site and complete a site analysis to ensure the best use of resources is made. This can include the physical site conditions and constraints (e.g neighbouring dwelling’s, solar, wind requirements or views). This will allow us to identify any potential issues with the project and create a design brief accordingly.​​

  • We then complete a Initial Review of NSW Planning Property Report to determine your site constraints and requirements. We will also then Review the Council Development Control Plans (DCP) & Local Environmental Plans (LEP) to determine council constraints and local regulations. We also always like to order a Planning Certificate from Council, so that we can confirm if there are any further constraints or regulations attached to your property. This generally costs around $50. 

  • A Dial-Before-You-Dig Enquiry is completed to determine the underground services on site, which include any Telecommunications Services or underground electricity, gas or water.

  • After we are confident we have done all the site checks and assessments, we then prepare concept floor plans based on your needs & project brief. We can create multiple concept plans to help determine the direction you are wanting to go, and include revisions to finalise the plans to one final concept floor plan! 

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