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So you’ve decided to renovate, extend or build your future home. That’s the first step, but while some may have been dreaming up their perfect home for years, others may find the task of deciding which style to go with as rather daunting. Here’s a quick guide in some of the most relevant styles of architecture today, starting off with the increasingly popular Modern Coastal which couldn't compliment the Port Stephens and Newcastle region anymore perfectly.


Modern Coastal design in all her perfection - Image from Salt

While the light and breezy coastal style has been an architectural style for many years, it is seeing a major renaissance thanks to popular shows like The Block and seasoned renovators “The Three Birds” (if you don’t know these talented ladies - check them out stat!)

Coastal design has the ability to transport inhabitants from their urban living rooms to the illusion of being a few steps away from the sand. The neutral palette of colours and materials encourage a therapeutic mood and creates a soothing and inviting environment for those within.

While traditionally a coastal designed home would consist of an overly filled floor plan and cluttered with dated accessories, nowadays modern coastal embraces a minimalist approach by sticking to a simple floor plans with strategically selected & placed pieces of furniture and decor. However this isn’t limited to decor and furniture. Built elements such as vertical joint feature panel or exposed painted rafters, beautifully crafted timber balustrades are prime examples of how structural features can create a coastal home.

Colour schemes generally are based around muted tones with subdued accents. Think timeless whites and rustic timbers. Texture is also incredibly important with coastal design, as it’s not restricted to the visual appearance, but the tactile experience also. Woven and wooden elements are placed strategically with an array of soft elements, such as throw blankets, cushions & rugs to create a welcoming, relaxed space. Raw un-finished reclaimed timber are also typical features in a coastal home.

The best aspect of this particular design style is that it is not only for new builds. Elements of coastal design can easily be incorporated into simple renovations or extensions or existing houses.

Variations of coastal design

Hamptons coastal

Hamptons Coastal - Image from Scyon

Hamptons style, derived from the glamorous holiday destination in Long Island generally takes on a grand form, in a clean and modern approach. Australians approach on this style makes it more appropriate for the elements of the climate & includes durable weatherboard cladding, a steeply pitched roof and a palette of white, grey or blue tones and many opportunities for indoor/outdoor flow with feature upper decks with elegant timber balustrading. Large windows and glass doors to invite a surplus of light into the interior to create a bright and breezy living environment. Other elements include large feature gables, loft ceilings, exposed beams and rafters with chic, luxury finishes.

Contemporary coastal

Salt 3 House, Shoal Bay - Image from Salt

Clean lines and horizontal weatherboards are typical elements of Contemporary Coastal design style. While the interior colour palette may still be predominantly neutral, the facade may go completely left wing and make an absolute statement by the use of dark charcoal or even burnt black weatherboards. Alternatively, stained timber may be incorporated into the facade, or a stone feature wall at the entry.

Coastal barn

Coastal Barn style - image from Three Birds Renovations

Made incredibly popular by “The Three Birds” we have had an increasing amount of clients request this particular style upon generous sized lots. This style is a collaboration of modern farmhouse and coastal. Think large feature windows, durable weatherboard cladding and and a large emphasis on indoor/outdoor living effortlessly integrating into a large section of tropical landscaping.


No matter the style, YHD has got you covered. Contact us today for a free design consult!


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