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DA Stages for Port Stephens Council

Once you have your project on paper, it’s time to get them approved by council through the Development Application (DA) process. When preparing this yourself, it typically involves a mountain of paper work and much patience! However, we have the tools and know-how to make the process as stress free as possible, working closely with the Port Stephens, Mid-Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and other local councils to bring you that big step closer to bringing your plans to life.

So what does the DA process entail? Firstly, depending on the scope of works, we prepare all the required architectural drawings to provide the council with all the physical information regarding your project. If required, we may call on our close network of additional consultants to prepare any reports specific to the site to ensure that it will be entirely compliant with council requirements.

We then prepare all the other documentation required for council submission which will include a BASIX assessment, approval from the local water authority and a detailed Statement of Environmental Effects tailored specifically to your project. We will prepare all the required forms so you can spend more time being excited for your project and less time being buried under paperwork.

Once we have lodged the development application and after the fees have been collected by the council, an officer will be allocated to thoroughly review the proposal to ensure that it satisfies the following six issues:

1) Compliance with local regulations and legislation

2) How your project impacts the natural and built environment and the social and economic impacts of the locality

3) The suitability of the site for your proposal - a site visit may be required for more complex proposals

4) Any local submissions from neighbours or other groups

5) Whether there are any comments or agreements/approvals from any NSW Government agency

6) Interest of the public - the proposal will be put up for public notification for a period of time.

It is possible that the council may request further information regarding the proposal or may require additional internal consultants for further analysis. We liaise with the council as fluently as possible to get it over the finish line quickly and without stress. The good news is that throughout this process, once it has been submitted to council you will be able to monitor the progress of your DA through your local councils DA tracking system keeping you entirely up to date.

When the council is fully satisfied that all criteria has been considered, a determination will be issued bringing you that one huge step towards seeing your project a reality! With our expertise and knowledge of council requirements, approval can be achieved in less than 10 weeks.

Are you unsure about any issues related to Development Applications with your local council? Contact YHD to discuss how we can help!


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