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Organica Design & Build

Let's dive into the powerhouse behind Organica's creation, an exceptional team of industry professionals (and yes, we may be a tad biased). 

Leading the charge in design is none other than YHD's creative director herself, Zoe Pohlmann. With a wealth of experience amassed from countless projects in the building design realm, Zoe's journey has led her to this moment - crafting her own dream home. But her role extends far beyond mere design; she wore multiple hats as project manager, overseeing interior and exterior selections and specifications with finesse. A true force to be reckoned with.

Turning these visionary designs into tangible reality was Tyson from With over 16 years of expertise under his belt, Tyson coordinated materials, trades, and every meticulous detail of the build. His dedication knows no bounds; if left unchecked, he'd likely work on the project around the clock.

Landscaping and Organica's connection to the environment beyond the internal walls were extremely important in the planning stages. The brief for this component of the build was 'modern coastal', suitable to the Australian climate.

Zoe worked with Mon Palmer on the landscape design, which was crucial to get right. Mon assisted in selecting landscaping elements that suited the style and spaces, whilst Zoe guided the overall direction of the design to ensure that every outdoor element complemented the home's distinctive features, like the curved, limewash-rendered walls and the serene pool area.

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