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Our Services Explained

Overwhelmed by the extensive documentation required by council? Don't be! We've put together this comprehensive guide to the services we offer to get your project off the ground.

FREE Enquiry & Consultation

STAGE 1. Project brief development & preliminary concepts

STAGE 2. Concept set & 3D model

STAGE 3. Development Plans (DA, CDC or Construction Drawings)

STAGE 4. Development Application




Before we initiate your project, we aim to ensure that all parameters and obstacles are addressed early to lay down the foundation of a successful project. We will meet you for a free consultation to discuss your ideas and to answer any questions you may have regarding the design & building process.



Project brief development

Site & council parameters

Preliminary concepts

We will provide the client with a comprehensive questionnaire in order to create a project brief - our aim is to get to know you the best we can in order to create the best possible environment to fit your needs. At this stage it is our intention to understand your objectives for your renovation or build, to get a sense of your design style and to discuss a realistic budget; depending on the size and complexity of the project, a figure of $1800 - $2500/sqm is generally a realistic figure to base your construction costs on.

A full site analysis may be required to determine any site constraints, passive solar & wind requirements, neighbourhood dwellings & to measure any existing structures on site. It also may be necessary to liaise with a surveyor to obtain a topographical site survey required for development applications.

We will order a Planning Certificate from the local council, perform a full review of the NSW Planning Property Report, the Council Development Control Plan (DCP), Local Environmental Plans (LEP) and any additional property information available through the council to determine any constraints relative to your project. A Dial-Before-You-Dig Enquiry will be completed to identify the locations of underground services on site prior to any works commencing.

Depending on the complexity of the project, this stage may also involve engaging in consultants or meeting with the council to ensure there are no surprises down the track that blow the budget.

(Possible consultants may include (but not limited to): heritage consultants or town planners, bushfire assessors, geotechnical engineers, NATHERS accredited assessors, landscape architects or arborists in the case of any vegetation removal).

Finally, we will prepare schematic floor plans based on the project brief. Whether you have a clear vision of the floor plan you are after or you are entirely starting from scratch, we work closely with you by interpreting hand drawn sketches and schematic diagrams into a computer generated 2D floor plan that is best suited to the site parameters and project brief. We will also provide you with a full break down of floor areas to keep your budget on track.

Once complete, we meet with the client to discuss concepts, to answer any questions or to make any changes prior to preparing final concept floor plans.



Concept set

3D model

Materials & finishes

The floor plan is transformed into a detailed 3D model to fully visualise what the future building is going to look like. The physical form of the building will be manipulated to the clients design brief to include window and door placement, roof and flooring structures, materials, finishes and any other aesthetic architectural features.

The concept set will include:

  • Site Plan

  • Floor Plan

  • Elevations

  • 3D perspectives,

  • Render

  • 3D SketchUp model available to download which allows the client to pan around every angle of the building to visualise exactly what it will look like.

We will then arrange to meet with the client to discuss concepts and to make any changes prior to preparing the final concept model.

As this stage is concludes, we recommend for the client to seek builders quotes for an estimation to ensure design is in accordance with your budget.



Architectural plans

Development Application documentation package

Now that you have a clear visualisation of your dream home, we will prepare full working architectural plans and documentation required for the Development Approval or Complying Development Certificate.

Drawings include (but not limited to):

  • Existing and Demolition Floor Plans

  • Windows and Door Schedules

  • Material Schedule

  • Sections

  • Electrical Plans

  • Site Analysis

  • Retaining Wall Plan

  • Topographical Survey Plan

  • Erosion & Sediment Control Plan

  • Roof & Stormwater Management Plan

  • Shadow Diagrams

  • Notification Plans.



Development Application / Complying Development Application / Construction Certificate

We will prepare all documentation required to submit to the council for a DA or CDC. This typically will include:

  • All required applications and checklists

  • A detailed Statement of Environmental Effects drafted specifically to your site outlining compliance with the relevant LEP and DCP

  • BASIX Certificate

  • Submission to the relevant water authority

  • Mine subsidence board approval (if applicable)

  • Structural Engineering design & certification (required for Construction Certificate)

  • Liaise with any additional consultants relative to your project for the preparation of any reports associated with the property location and council requirements, which may include:

- Town Planning

- Nathers Assessments

- Stormwater Engineering

- Bushfire Threat Assessment or BAL Report

- Geotechnical Reports

- Acid Sulfate Assessment, Management Plans or Testing

- Access Reports

- Heritage Consultants for Statement of Heritage Impact

- Visual Impact Statement

- Waste Management Statement

- Water harvesting or the like for the use of grey water reuse systems

- Preparation of a Plan of Subdivision

- Shadow Diagrams

- Acoustical Engineering Report

- Flora & Fauna Report

- Landscaping Plans

- Arborist Report

- Town Planning Consultants

- Contaminated Site Reports

Finally, we will collate all documentation to council's submission standards and submit to either the local council or private certifier.

Note - application fees and certifier fees not included. Fees will be required to pay upon application submission. Please advise if you require a quote for fees or any required consultants.




If required, we have interior designers that we work closely with to provide you with a range of selections packages, including (but not limited to): - Finishes & fixtures schedules

- Conceptual Mood Board

- Samples of selections

- Interior colour scheme

- Door hardware

- Floor coverings

- Window coverings

- 3D joinery drawings

- Complete virtual house tours

- Realistic finishes images

- Furniture selections

- Furniture delivery coordination

- Styling


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